Why Web Studio Custom vs. CYS?

With Shaw Web Studio Custom you get the best of both worlds – the ability to leverage the marketing strength of Shaw alignment, with the flexibility of a fully custom website powered by Creating Your Space. Your website will be equipped with all of the CYS’s proprietary interactive tools such as the virtual room designer, design your room, iTouch-iDesign, room maker,and customer workbook functionality.

You also benefit from Shaw’s exclusive online web services and tools. These services include local Shaw-centric keyword search engine optimization, product feeds, seasonal promotions and more. The Shaw Custom Web Studio Program includes SEO services that will rank your website in the top 2 pages of Google for 10-15 Shaw centric keywords blended with your geographic area. (EX: Shaw carpet Atlanta) - this is a $5,000 value! Also, Shaw product feeds are updated automatically to your product catalog on a regular basis ensuring that consumers can see every available Shaw product image that you sell (a $100 monthly value).  Don’t forget the Shaw special online programs, such as online financingand syndicated Shaw content are easily added to your website at no cost to you.

Why wouldn’t you want a Web Studio Custom website?!