Web Studio Custom Premium vs.
Web Studio Custom Elite

Web Studio Custom offers two fully customized website programs, allowing you to choose the features and budget that fit your business goals. 

The Premium website offers full customization of the website design, a product catalog with 150+ manufacturer choices, custom content, interactive tools, room galleries and more.
The Web Studio Custom Elite website includes everything in Premium, and it packs in powerful consumer engaging tools such as:

  • Virtual Room Designer – room visualization tool that works with your products
  • Design a Room - allows customers to upload a picture of their room into your Virtual Room Designer (VRD)
  • Room Maker – consumers  build a room, calculate flooring & design with furniture
  • Designer’s Portfolio
  •  ‘from the Floors Up’ – consumer flooring blog

Purchase either an Elite or Premium version of a Web Studio Custom website, and begin converting customers searching the web for product information into customers shopping your store for floor covering solutions.

See below for details on how the detailed differences between Web Studio Custom Elite and Web Studio Custom Premium .